Within TaskReviewer you can edit the permissions that your guest reviewers have on the files that you have asked them to review.  

In order to edit guest reviewer permissions, you must invite guest reviewers to your review.

NOTE: Collaborators will not be allowed to invite guest reviewers. The ability to invite guest reviewers by team members can be managed in user permissions.

Guest Reviewer permissions are available from the guest reviewer modal box when you click on Add Guest reviewers in the Review Stage.

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On the right of the box you will find the permissions that you are able to set for your guest reviewers.

  • Ability to download files to their own drives
  • Ability to see all previous versions of the files
  • Duration that they can access the files for (this can be set to have a custom date)

NOTE: Any permissions set will apply to all files in this stage

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Once you have decided on your permissions, click invite reviewers and the permissions will be set